Learn About Your Options

When selecting your new stove, it is important to be fully aware of the differences in fuel sources available. At Genesee Coal & Pellet Sales, we provide a wide variety of stoves using either pellets, coal, wood, natural gas or propane to best fit your individual household needs. Here is some information to help you as you browse through our wide selection:


Renewable, sustainable and in some cases recycled, wood pellets are an environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fuels. They produce a clean heat with little to no exhaust smoke and can save you money on your heating bill. We currently offer 3 brands of pellets in easy to handle 40 lb. bags. Pellet burning stoves are safe, efficient and easy to use. We offer thru the wall direct vent units, eliminating the expense of a new chimney.


Coal is a traditional fuel source. Not to be confused with high sulfur or soft coal, ANTHRACITE or HARD COAL, is an even heat with long-lasting burn times. When properly set up, anthracite (or hard) coal will produce virtually no smoke or particulate emissions. Modern coal stoves and furnaces can be direct vented thru the wall, eliminating the need for a chimney. We offer models that can heat one room or your entire house. Some models do not require electricity to operate. Our coal is available in 40 lb. bags for easy handling. We offer 4 sizes: rice, pea, nut and stove.

Genesee Coal & Pellet Sales


Renewable, sustainable and readily available in most areas. Wood is cost effective for most and with proper management, a great way to maintain a healthy woodlot for landowners. We offer wood stove or furnace models that can heat one room or your whole house and other units that do not require electricity to operate.

Natural Gas

Our most abundant fossil fuel. Clean burning and efficient, it is a popular choice. Due to the Shale Gas boom, at this time, we are enjoying low prices.


Usually the most expensive home heating fuel, used when natural gas is not available in your area.

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